• 1000mg Choc Mint w CBN Final

1000 CBD w/CBN & Terepene Blend (Sleep Aid) Chocolate Mint Flavor


Tinctures are the hemp industry’s most commonly used product categories, but not all Tinctures are created equal. Its not only our amazing flavor profiles we have become famous for, our products achieve a higher amount of brand loyalty than anyone else in the industry. Providing the industry’s best was not an accident, we only use the best organic ingredients like Organic hemp seed oil, Organic essential oils, Organic MCT oils and a proprietary blend of THC FREE broad spectrum Hemp extract combined with polysaccharides from Organic Aloe to increase absorption and bioavailability.

In addition to the CBD in this product there is CBN (a specific cannabadiol which is know for it sleep aid properties) and a Terepene Blend that helps promote healthy sleep.